Our Name Change

It was time to refresh and create a unified front.

One agency. One collective.

We have rebranded from Minnesota CarePartner/Roots Recovery into Roots Wellness Center!

Thank you for your support over the past 10 years! We have grown, evolved, and transformed during our first decade, and our principles have taken on new life and energy.

Having overcome ups, downs, and a pandemic, along with leadership growth among our teams, our mission, vision, and values became more clearly defined.

The different outward-facing names (Minnesota CarePartner & Roots Recovery), even though still one organization, created confusion externally and internally.

Our Founder/CEO, Katy, strove to keep Roots in the name because we firmly believe that connection to cultural ROOTS is, by nature, a ROOT healing mechanism for mental health and substance use. Wellness was added because of the organization’s usage of holistic and cultural forms of healing as a way to ROOT oneself in one’s body, culture, healing, and pathway toward self-liberation. 

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