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Course Snapshot

This workshop will include: Learning vocabulary to describe Cultural Traits in a non-judgmental way, then examining the relationship between Cultural Traits and the unspoken Values that they embody. We then place these in a frame of Dominant Discourse, to see how Dominant White Culture can exclude and marginalize clients, families, and coworkers without conscious intent. This then opens the door to consider valid ways of being, values and cultural traits beyond the edges of the dominant lens. Participants will then examine their own professional standards documents to see what traits dominate the professional culture of behavioral health in this country. Finally we will compare their results to researched descriptions of the dominant US White Culture and White Supremacy Culture to reveal how whiteness is “baked in” to our ideas of “professionalism.” Throughout the workshop participants will practice together deep listening for “disconfirming facts,” i.e., life experiences, feelings and beliefs different from the listener’s. We will also use grounding and orienting techniques from Cultural Somatics, both to stay grounded in our own bodies and avoid Zoom fatigue, and as a tool for participants to use in their own practices.

Course Objectives

  • Examine the relationship between cultural traits and their unspoken values
  • Learn descriptive, value-neutral terms for cultural traits
  • Uncover White cultural values embedded in professional standards
  • Recognize and support cultural resilience skills
  • Practice techniques for deep listening across difference
  • Build stamina for holding difficult emotions and unfamiliar experiences

About the Presenter

Rie Algeo Gilsdorf, MS, MA, is passionate about seeing and integrating the big picture.  She aspires to connect humans across distance and difference; to integrate mind and body, science and art, healing and change-making. With advanced degrees in Biology and Dance, Rie has an appreciation for the perceptions of the mind, heart and body, and the critical thinking and creativity they can provoke. Rie also integrates Systems Change, Social Presencing and Critical Race Theory to apply all of this to overcoming systemic racism on a personal, social and global level. Throughout her career Rie has worked with innovative schools, nonprofits and progressive faith communities to facilitate adult learning that develops capacity to achieve equity across race, gender, sexuality and ability as well as urban, suburban and rural cultures. Most recently she spent six years as part of the team at Courageous Conversation, learning how to engage productively in equity work as a white woman. She now provides racial equity seminars, coaching and consulting through Embody Equity.

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